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RARE EARTH MINING - Private Project


Jimmy Koreia-Mpatsa, Mpatsa Holdings Limited, P.O Box 3055, Blantyre, Telephone: +265 881400800 (Mobile). +265 1 824 556 (Direct). Emails: jimmy@mpatsa.com, mpatsajimmy@gmail.com

Project Location:

Lake Malombe in the southern region of Malawi

Project Description:

Mpatsa Holdings Limited has an exclusive Prospecting Licence no. EPL365/12 over an area of 86.75 Square Kilometres in the Lake Malombe area in the southern part of Malawi which has deposits of Rare Earth Elements; Nickel, Nephelimite, Microfoyaite, Thorium, Phosphorus, Cerium, Europium, Neodymium, Samarium and Ytterbium. Initial Geological and Geochemical surveys have confirmed the existence of the above minerals. In 2015 a countywide High Resolution Airborne Geophysical survey was conducted by the Geological Survey department and a comprehensive geo-data interpretation is available.

Current Status/ Stage of Project:


Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies:

No studies undertaken yet.

Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type:

The promoter is looking for investors/sponsors who can provide the initial working capital to establish the level of deposits in the concession area, procure mining equipment and recruit expertise to operate the mine.

Estimated Cost of the Project:

Not determined yet