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Rev David E. Gondwe, Managing Director, Urea Gold Fertilizers Limited, P.O. Box 31288, Capital City, Lilongwe 3. Tel: +265 (0) 993404090, +265 (0) 885580930. Email:

Project Location:


Project Description:

The developers of Urea Gold Fertilizers Limited are looking for suitable investors/partners to raise a minimum of $550,000 for the operations of a fertilizer manufacturing plant in Malawi. The opportunity offered is unique, and a low risk investment with attractive returns generated annually. The current developers have invested over $800,000 to date, and have installed a production machinery and has run batches of SCU and NPK fertilizer productions successfully. This business process has brought the project to the point where it is possible to offer additional new investors the following benefits:-

30% to 60% Shareholding in Urea Gold Fertilizers Ltd, a company which has a Patented Sulphur-Coated Urea (SCU), which provides increased crop yields of up to 25%-30%, and the company also has capacity to produce a range of NPK fertilizers. The technology UGF possesses gives greater crop yield than just taking plain Urea, and loosely blending it with Sulphur (i.e. as it is done in many countries by other fertilizer companies at present, including fertilizer suppliers in Malawi).

Current Status/Stage of Project:


Actions Required/Implementation Arrangements/Contract Type:

The project seeks financiers/equity partners who can inject money in the project in order for the business reach its full potential.

Availability of Pre-feasibility Studies, Feasibility studies, and Other Studies:

The feasibility study for this project was carried out and the project is operational

Estimated Cost of Project:

The injection of $550,000.00 working capital into the business to enhance productivity.