The Salima Medium Scale Farmers 1000ha Project

 Project Description

Greenbelt Initiative (GBI) GBI Ltd is a subsidiary company of the Greenbelt Authority (GBA) that was formed with the aim of developing an Irrigation project in Malawi.

The initiative has irrigation projects in 3 districts in Malawi namely; Salima in the central region, Nsanje in southern region and Karonga in the northern region

In Salima, GBI has shares in a  sugar factory called Salima Sugar Company Limited which is  implementing a sugar project on 6,293 hectares of land of which 6,000 is used for sugarcane growing and sugar products by;

  • 250 Smallholder Farming householder who are allocated 2 hectares of land per family and the total land allocated is 530 hectares.
  • 100 Medium Scale Farmers (medium scale enterprises) from across the country have been allocated 1,000 hectares of land for the production of sugarcane on 10 hectares plot each.
  • Salima Sugar Company Limited which has 4,000 hectares

Project Location

The project is being implemented at Chikwawa Scheme in the area of Traditional Authorities Khombedza, Mwanza and Makanjira (Msosa) in Salima and the source of water is Lake Malawi and Lingadzi River.

Current status/stage of the project

The development of 400 hectares out of 1000 hectares is in progress.

Availability of pre-feasibility studies/ feasibility studies and other studies

Feasibility studies, detailed designs and Tender documents are available.

Estimated cost of the project

The estimated cost of the project is US$30,000,000.


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