Seed Production

Project Description
Afri-Seed is a growing company with huge potential, consider¬ing that 90% of Malawi’s economic activities surround agricul¬ture. Presently, annual turnover is in excess of US$2 million. The company’s activities cover soya and groundnut seed production, packaging, hiring out of farming equipment and seed marketing. There is huge demand for these products both on the local, re¬gional and extra-regional markets. Presently, the company has developed pigeon peas on 1,000 hectares (community-based) destined for the export market.
The proposed investment entails purchasing breeder seed and all required farm inputs, purchasing of farm and irrigation equipment, construction of warehouses for seed storage and setting up distribution points across the country and pur¬chase of packaging equipment.

Project Location
Presently, Afri-Seed interventions are mostly concentrated in the East¬ern Region of Malawi, and parts of the Central Region, but with po¬tential to extend to the northern and southern regions of the country.

Current Status/ Stage of Project

Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type
An equity or financial partner

Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies
A feasibility study report is available.

Estimated Cost of the Project
The project is estimated at US$5 million to enable cost-effective sustainable operations.


Ms. Grace Mijiga, Managing Director
P.O. Box 395

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