Upgrading rice processing plant and establishment of a maize flour processing plant

Project Description
Nkhotakota Milling Company Limited buys rice (Paddy) from smallholder farmers, processes it into polished rice and packag¬es it under the brand name SUNGU for sale to off-takers who are mainly chain store owners within the Republic of Malawi. The company owns warehouses which are capable of handling 3000 metric tons of paddy and 1,000 metric tons of polished rice.

The Company intends to capitalize its operations through pur¬chase of more machinery and expansion of its warehousing hold¬ing capacity. The company also intends to increase the capacity of its warehouses to accommodate an additional 10,000 metric tons. Additionally, it intends to structure the supply-side capacity in terms of paddy production in the fields. Apart from upgrading the rice processing plant, the promoters intend to set up a maize flour processing plant. After conducting a study, results have shown that there is high demand of already processed maize flour. As such the promoters want to set up the processing plant on their existing premises to meet the demand.

Project Location
Nkhotakota District.

Current Status/ Stage of Project

Actions Required/ Implementation Arrangements/ Contract Type
An equity or financial partner. Terms of any agreed-on arrangement will be discussed between the parties.

Availability of Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, and other Studies
A feasibility study report is available.

Estimated Cost of the Project
US$1.8 million.

Mr. Clement Stambuli
Nkhotakota Milling Company Limited
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Nkhotakota, Malawi.

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