The Nchalo 3000ha Cotton Project

Project Description
The objectives of this irrigation project is to develop 3,000 ha of irrigated block ready for cultivation, 1,000ha of this block to be specially cultivating for the nation to carter for food security in the country.  The remaining 2,000ha will be divided into small blocks of a minimum 50ha each which can be rented out to different private companies who are willing to take up these blocks for their investment.

Proposed Approach
The idea of forming a joint venture between Greenbelt Authority (GBA) and Nchalo Smallholder Cane Growers Association (NSHCGA), where GBA will provide support in the areas of finances and NSHCGA will provide land and available skilled management to run the scheme and a shareholding of 49% for GBA and NSHCGA 51%.

Project Location
The project is located at Phwazi, Nkhwazi, Jombo Group Village Head of T/A Ngabu in Chikwawa District and the source of water is Shire River.

Current status/stage of the project
The detailed irrigation designs have been produced and the construction of 1,000 hectares of the scheme is in progress.

Availability of pre-feasibility studies/ feasibility studies and other studies
Feasibility studies are available.

Estimated cost of the project
The estimated cost of the project is US$45,000,000.


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